05 June 2008

OMG... what the hell have i been doing???

It's a wrap... I can't take average any more!

Here I am, almost 50 years old, and think I'm going through a mid-life crisis (more like a metamorphosis). Every area/section/phase of my existence is changing and stretching and growing. But the TRUE change is happening within: it's my knowledge of the power that IS me that's wringing out the old and bringing in the new.

So I'm checkin' ME out and finding that I don't like average any more. I remember the day I prayed for a "normal" life: everything in my world had been uprooted and I tried to blame the ordeal on any and everything except me. So I decided that normal would be the best route for me and my family. Now I am [yawn] sooooo bored with it. I see it in my art, my clothes, my food choices, and so on.


I'm re-evaluating my personal stuff [private] and my public life [art]. More color, more pizzazz, more risks, more funk, more soul, more earth... More to come!

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