06 May 2008

A New Creature

I honor this day by acknowledging and living in the present moment (instead of in my past or assumed future.)

It's a new day. And what makes this day different than any other day I've ever lived is my perspective on my purpose. Years ago, just when I thought I knew what I was here for, the rug was suddenly pulled from under me, and I found myself flying without a map, a radar, or fuel. But I could only fly upside-down for so long: Life put me back on track and has given me a new perspective.

Honoring each day is purpose in itself

“I honor this day” puts each breath in perspective, whether I'm pumping gas, walking the dog, or creating a masterpiece. My purpose is being present and truly living each moment with a grateful heart. Honoring each day allows life to unfold as it is, not as I desperately want it to be.

Eckhart Tolle
says that stress is being here (in this situation, etc.) and wanting to be there (in a future or past situation that seems to be better.) When I allow my mind to wander and land on thoughts of failure or lack — which causes me to feel powerless and hopeless — I miss the blessing in this moment.

Surrender is a 4-letter word
I remember my former days as first lady of a church. We used to sing “I Surrender All.” With all my heart I sang that song, all the while holding on to how I wanted my life to go. Surrendering is a frightening thought because it means giving up control of my life as I perceive it to be and giving in to a potential situation that is not tangible or perceivable. God knows that we cling to what our senses tell us (seeing, hearing, etc.) and swear that what we take in and perceive is correct information, or at the very least can be trusted over time. And this level of information becomes our next stepping stone: our rock and foundation to just about every decision made.

How's that working for you?

More to come... stay tuned and be well!

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