20 November 2008

Knit Appeal!

I am working it! Lots of projects done: plenty more to to go. Having fun in the process, and that's what's up.

These items will be featured on Etsy soon. Here's a sneak preview:

18 November 2008

More for Lou and Michele!

Hello beautiful people!
(Go to :http://www.fllickr.com/photos/StefaniVP to see the rest of the images...)
The Kitty Yoshida cell/iPod pouches pictures are just close-ups. The material is quite sturdy (not a flimsy cotton.) The other is the sea-green iPod case, starring my classic, beat-up Nano. I put a strawberry red flower in front (just to show the size of the flowers), and I am felting a deep purple one for this case. There is a button to be attached for the loop at the top. This is another sturdy item, not flimsy at all. I have a white one for Victoria with a flower and a loop for her arm.

I'm thinking about mailing you a few different items: I don't think the computer really portrays the true look and feel of the items. I'm SURE you'll like them more if you can touch them! Let me know if you want to do it that way. You can choose what you want, and mail back the rest. I am re-doing all my sites, so most of the saks will not be listed for a while. CALL ME!!!!!!! Love you guys!