11 June 2008

Hand-printed Cloth Journals are Coming!

I found a new love... hand-painting cloth! I rented a video from SmartFlix.com on cloth painting, and I am loving the process. I am such a detailed-oriented artist, so being free to smear any color I want — any way I want — onto "canvas" is lots of fun, and very liberating. I use acrylic paint, metallic cloth paint, and anything else that adds color and dries quickly. I also use stamps for patterns, and embellish the journal covers with my handmade beads, rope, string, buttons, and so on. I've completed one journal and have 4 other covers covered: I still have to bind and embellish them. I will upload photos later (today) to share. And, as always, check out my Etsy on-line store for other items created by me!

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