25 January 2008

Thank YOU.... it's Friday!

In about 2-1/2 hours, I will exhale, and go home... climb the stairs, and stay locked in my studio all weekend!

Ideas come my way constantly — everyday, all day long. I don't always act on them, but that has to do with my perceptions (long story). In essence, anything I do is considered original art. And now I create art for the sake of creating art (not the money), AND to see how far and how deep the rabbit hole is.

Speaking of rabbit holes, this image was drawn by George (my son.) He is a fantastic illustrator, and I know that he will win Emmys for his animated show ideas and character development. He has the talent, but truly it's his drive that will take him where he intends to go.

Not only am I glad he's my son, I'm glad to know him as a person... interesting young man. Once school is over, I know he's headed for the West Coast, where the studios are (the the great weather!) YES, George, give me another reason to visit L.A.!

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