24 January 2008

Gracie and Lola!

I am developing 2 characters: Gracie, named for my daughter Gretchen, and Lola, named for my daughter Lauren. Even though they are in their mid-twenties now (dag!) their two icons will continue the saga that they began when they were little girls (eating jelly out of the jar, the worm hospital, etc.)

It's pretty cool to have grown daughters. Now we can laugh at things on the adult level instead of the edited version of life!

I've already posted one version of the girls on MyPhilosopea.etsy.com (not the one shown here). It's been on-line for a few days, and only received about 19 hits... I really thought there would be more. I realize that Etsy does not have a lot of African American consumers and shop owners yet. But that's not discouraging at all. In fact, I intend to send out an email to my www.StefaniVance.com webmail list to let them know that I am selling small illustrations, jewelry, etc on Etsy.com. My prices on Etsy are much better, but then, it's a different quality of illustrations. I'd like to see Gracie & Lola (in the image above it's Lola, then Gracie) illustrations sold, then a book (or 7), some ceramic clay images, dolls, and so on. Hmmm... thank God I have a long weekend coming up: I have a lot of work to do.

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