29 January 2008

3D is 2 Much Fun...

I am now working with self-hardening clay, which is not much different than regular clay... except I don't need a kiln. I forgot how much I love to feel texture, so I'm sticking with this medium for a while (or forever.)

This is stage 1. Obviously, it's not finished yet. But she is in the process of hardening and I will begin stage 2 on Wednesday, which is to sand her down to smooth her out (her head's a bit lumpy!) Then I intend to paint, and so on. There is a surprise ending in all of this, which I will not share at this time. Those of you that know me and know what I like to create can probably guess what I'm going to do... If not, stay tuned! I hope to have her finished by Saturday. (Time thus far: about 10 hours.)


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