05 February 2008

There's Joy in Repetition

"These two words... a little bit behind the beat... I mean, just enuf to turn you on... For every time she said the words another one of his doubts were gone." Prince

These words are from one of my favorite Prince songs: Joy in Repetition. As it goes, there's a band on stage who has been playing the same song for a little over a year, and the lead singer has been singing the same two words [...over and over again]. Enter a man who frequented the club, along with a group of tawdry insignificant others. On this particular night he didn't get lost in the background with the common folks: he finally heard the words and became obsessed with the woman who was singing them [...over and over again]. He was so caught up that he dragged her from the stage, took her out back, and asked her her name [...it started to rain]. What were those two words? Love me. (Then Prince kicks this bad-ass guitar solo which is classic Prince, but I digress.)

Sometimes the background in life (with the common folk) tends to lead us away from our purposed path. You know, just being normal. Just gettin' along. Just kickin' it. Just livin' the same day [...over and over again]. I don't particularly mean going to clubs (as in the song), but just the day-in, day-out BS that we do and tend to settle in to. It's the compromise that we tell ourselves is okay to do, but in the end, we become a part of that tawdry, insignificant crowd that does the same old thing. And when you blend, you can't hear what your heart tells you [...over and over again].

What are the words that you hear [...over and over again]? I hate this job, or I hate my life, or I can never seem to get it right, or one day I'll...? And how long have you been hearing them and repeating them to yourself? Those are the words that the background players repeat [...over and over again]. Tune in to what your heart is telling you. Allow your heart's song to play [...over and over again]. Become obsessed with your purpose in life until it moves you to make a move and get what you want.

Yep, there's joy in repetition. (And by all means, find that song, or buy it from iTunes!)

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